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End-User License Agreement

This agreement applies to all content delivered through the website registered at the domain ("Site") by Artec Co., Ltd ("Company"). Usage of this site by any person or persons ("User" or "Users") constitutes an acknowledgment of this agreement.

Article 1. Purpose

This Site was created by Company with the purpose of supplementing classes employing digital learning materials by delivering said digital learning materials to educational sites.

Article 2. Definition of Terms

The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows.

(1) Digital Learning Materials
Digital Learning Materials are defined as any web pages, still images, movies, animations, simulations, and/or worksheets which are accessed by the Users of Site.
(2) Content
Content is defined as any Digital Learning Materials, images, and/or text delivered through Site.

Article 3. Terms of Use

Content on this site can be used freely for any non-commercial, educational purpose. Usage for commercial purposes requires prior written consent from Company in the form of an e-mail or letter.

Article 4. Scope of Usage

Users are permitted, for non-commercial, educational purposes, to do the following with Digital Learning Materials delivered through Site free-of-charge.

Users who wish to use our Digital Learning Materials for purposes beyond this scope are permitted to view, but are prohibited from duplicating, printing, adapting and/or revising said materials.

Article 5. Copyright

The copyright, design rights, trademarks and likenesses of Content on this Site are maintained by Company or third parties and Users are expected to comply with all applicable laws and standards when using said Content.

Article 6. Precautions

The following items are to be observed when duplicating, adapting, or revising Digital Learning Materials.

Article 7. Liability

Company bears no responsibility or obligation to compensate Users with regard to the Content published on Site for the following or any other items:

Article 8. Site Suspension and/or Shutdown

Artec Co., Ltd. may temporarily suspend or shutdown a portion or the entirety of Site in the event of the following:。

Article 9. Revisions

Company may deem it necessary to revise this agreement without advance notice to the User. Access of Site by Users once the revised agreement has been published constitutes acknowledgement of the revised agreement on the part of the User.


This agreement is effective as of February 15, 2012.

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