Artec Digital Learning Materials

What's the goal of this website?

Our website provides fun, accessible support for science classrooms to help bring out the scientist in any child. Combined with Artec's own hands-on products, our digital learning materials help support your classroom for free without the need to register.

Is there anything else I need to do?

Not at all. Feel free to use this site in any way that follows the EULA.

What kind of system do I need to use your digital learning materials?

Please check the System Requirements page to learn what kind of system will give you the best experience.

Is there anything I need to keep in mind when using your materials?

The digital learning materials provided by our company (applications, worksheets, and the images and other items used in them) are free to view, duplicate, distribute, and alter for non-commercial, educational purposes (such as in schools or volunteer educational activities). Using our materials for commercial purposes requires permission from Artec. Please contact us through the link on this site for any questions you may have.

Requesting Revisions or Improvements of Applications and Worksheets

○ Content

Our company is unable to revise or otherwise modify the applications and worksheets on this website, excluding cases where the explanations and concepts are simplified to the point of being scientifically inaccurate. In the event of any misspellings or omissions in our content, feel free to Contact us.

○ Usage Issues

Any issues that users have with regard to using applications may take time for us to fix. Users may also have problems using our applications with unsupported browsers.

Scientific Concepts in Our Applications

Please keep in mind that the scientific concepts you find in some of our applications may be exaggerated. We do this in order to maximize understanding and ease of explanation.

I'd like to post a link to your website...

While we prohibit direct linking to actual site content, feel free to post links to the Artec Digital Learning Materials website at If you do post a link, let us know by using the Contact link!